Resources for devs that want to app.add(prioritization) || app.improve(prioritization)

This, as it probably will be for quite some time…will be a WIP.

The goals are to update the OS code base to the latest setup, port to other languages, and also provide a package managed result.

An older version of the engine is available on GitHub in C#.Net. An even older version is available on NuGet for immediate usage.

Once the .Net version is updated, Javascript is next with a targeted NPM package.

Current Target Goals:

  • .Net (C# or F#) - NuGet
  • JavaScript - NPM & Possible via CDN for client side
  • Ruby - Gem
  • Python - Pip/PyPi
  • SQL - Source Only
  • Go - Source Only

All targets and code are to be MIT licensed.

If you are interested in helping out, [email protected]